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Of course, when you put many successful, strong-willed people from so many different professions together at one party, there is bound to be conflict in addition to connection. It wasn’t long after dinner that Mr. Corrigan stumbled upon Ms. London talking about her new Burberry clutch and how Mr. Levy’s network could help influence people’s style choices.

Mr. Corrigan was wearing a nearly monochrome outfit of brown T-shirt and slacks. “We have Fukushima polluting the entire Pacific Ocean and we’re talking about how people should be dressed?” he demanded.

Ms. London said, “I care how people feel about themselves.”

He said while nodding sarcastically: “I agree that regardless of how much pollution is being leaked, people should look good.”

She said, sounding incredulous: “I didn’t say look. I said feel.”

He said, backing down, “Listen, I just came in here to look for my leather jacket.”

“Really?” she asked. “You care about your leather jacket when there’s all this pollution?” She collected her Burberry and left the room.


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Work it, Stacy.

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constantly frustrated with the limitations of this flesh vessel. what the fuck do you mean i require sleep to function and can’t read 12 pt text from 200 metres away. smh

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Anonymous said: your fav childhood memory?


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